Wild Browns are lurking!

Come take a guided float trip and fly fish the Deerfield River, Millers River, Swift River, or their tributaries.

The Deerfield River is fishing awesome! Well, would you expect anything less during May. Plenty of rainbows around, but the bigger wild browns are still crushing nymph rigs and streamers. There is some limited dry fly fishing around, but most fish are being caught subsurface.

There is plenty of water around, so wether you want to fly fish the Deerfield River, Millers River, Swift River or their tributaries, you will find plenty of fish.

There is very limited availabilty left for May and June for a guided float trip, but the Deerfield River will fish great all summer long! Come fly fish the Deerfield in July or August for some "hopper dropper" fishing along the banks.

Call up Square Tail Anglers today at 413-834-3148 to schedule your spring fly-fishing trip!